About Signal Analysis Technology

Signal Analysis Technology (SAT), founded in 1999, specializes in the development and implementation of custom Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and scientific applications software. Comprised of DSP, hardware and software engineering consultants, SAT can put together a team to work with you to address your problem with a "can do" attitude.

Our industry experience includes Telecom, High-Tech, Inspection, Defense, Acoustics and Aerospace. In addition to having signal processing and communications experience, our consultants are also notable for their development of custom software and hardware solutions.

Providing software development services to meet the needs of the scientific and signal processing communities has always been our mission. SAT engages professional DSP, SW, HW, Embedded Systems, and Web Technologies engineering consultants as specialized expertise and requirements dictate.  This reduces our overhead costs and affords the customer maximum skillsets applied to their problem.

We can design or create your custom software or scientific application implemented for your target environment. We specialize in the development of Graphical User Interface (GUI), Digital Signal Processing and scientific/engineering and data analysis applications in Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).  We offer on site or off site software and DSP engineering services, and flexible scheduling to suit our clients’ needs.

Our mandate is to provide unparalleled value to our clients through rapid, effective, quality implementations that achieve stated project goals, and to provide long-term support for algorithms, simulations, implementations, and our delivered products.

Simulating, prototyping, developing and porting applications between environments, across languages, and on to real-time embedded systems is our forte.

If you require intellectual property development, from concept, patent, simulation/prototype to final embedded system, SAT can help.

At SAT, we take our commitments very seriously. We assess each project up front and are very candid about budget, time, and benefit realizations, such as schedule, time to market, and intellectual property ownership. When we make a commitment we live by it. We never stretch ourselves too thin, even if it means sacrificing business.

SAT teams are comprised of engineering consultants with whom we have worked successfully on previous efforts. This enables us to control quality and ensure successful development of prototypes and products for our clients.

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